Education and Employment

Saab 9-X Here comes my education and employment in short, if you want details I suggest you ask for a CV ;-)

I have worked for the consultant firm Semcon since 1998 and mainly had my assignments here in Trollhattan. My assignments have mainly been oriented towards the automotive industry, and I have under the years’ worked in all phases of a cars lifetime (from development to diagnostics and spare parts).

Recived my more basic education i Wenströmska high school in Vasteras.
I got my higher educations in HV here in Trollhattan, first in automatic manufacturing and I then got a bachelor degree in electronic and information processing.

I did my military service on P4 in Skovde were I under 10 moths was group leader for an anti-tank missile (Robot 56 BILL) group with the purpose to hunt advancing tanks in our own terrain.

Other than that, I have collected some goodies from life if self.