Under a long time I had become more and more interested in buying a SLR camera to expand my possibility’s to take interesting photos, and I finally bought one second hand to test how I liked it.

The camera I found was an EOS 500 and a pair of lenses for a total of a thousand Kr that became my new toys for a couple of years. As I feared, I was now caught on to yet another hobby suitable to spend lots of money on, so it was probably better to start spending right away :-).

I began looking for some newer and more updated equipment and eventually got stuck on (of course) for the more expensive versions. And finally after a few weeks I managed to persuade myself to buy a Canon 40D.

With time this developed to be one of my major hobbies and requires a little more room on my homepage. So after a few years I decided to create separate homepage for this hobby. However, under the years I have been more selective with what to show so it may take some time to get the content updated.

But for those of you that are interested, take a look at