Disc golf

Discgolf eller frisbee golf as its also known is a big growing sport that attracts an increasing number of players.

It is a sport that is easy to learn but harder to master, the equipment is inexpensive and if you have a playing course nearby it is a available and relatively inexpensive sport.
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Basically, the principle is the same as for classical golf. With as few throws as possible you should try to get the disc into the basket by avoiding the course difficulties. Disc golfers use relatively heavy discs with which a skilled disc golfer can throw over 100 meters.

The lack of a suitable golf course was a problem in my case as I didn’t have a place to practice the important putting. This resulted in a project I started in the beginning of 2001 to build my own cage .

There are currently more than 100 disc golf courses in Sweden ranging from simple free 9-holes to “pay and play” holes with more than 18-holes in world class.
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