If feels like I have been cycling all the time since I learned this fine art as I kid.
The freedom when rushing across the asphalt or along winding paths in the woods is hard to beat. But it’s not always fun as it can also mean fixing punctures or carrying the bike up mountains or through marshes.

For years I used an old 10-speed Cresent designed for flat roads but without accepting the limitation that this the heavy and rigid thing have and forced it out on forest trails. In the end I did the only right thing and bought a mountain bike that was more suitable for the forest environment and thereby started a new section of my cycling. I now found a lot of new more remote paths in the forests where you earlier didn’t believe you could research on a manually propelled two-wheeler.

I have over the years participated in some competitions such as Bockstensturen in Varberg and Finnmarksturen in Ludvika. It is a special feeling to stand together with over 1000 waiting cyclists for the moment when all with a mass start flow out of the city like a river towards the pending challenges in the forest. But this in nothing to the feeling when, after hours of work with a final burst use the remaining energy to sprint the few 100 meter and finally get to rest the by now quite sore rear end.

Competition Distance Place Time
Bockstensturen 2001 100km 481 05:15:53
Stenmarksturen 2001 112km - 06:35:35
Bockstensturen 2002 100km 616 06:04:09
Bockstensturen 2003 100km 513 05:46:01
Bockstensturen 2004 100km 413 06:01:08